Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Will my Tivo box work with the Allied Telesis cable box?

Currently the Tivo box does not support the Allied Telesis SD or HD set top box. We are in the process of trying to get Tivo to add the Allied Telesis.

Does Allied Telesis make an M card (Multi-stream CableCARD) that can be used in the newer Tivo boxes?

Allied Telesis uses a Verematrix Cable Card. Tivo does not support the manufacturer.

How many channels will we have?

We offer 90+ basic channels, including AFN (free of charge) and another 40+ premium channels for subscribers. Please see the individual plan options for more details.

Will I be able to watch prime time TV programming during prime time?

You will be able to watch your favorite TV shows at their intended viewing times. New “time-shift servers” will be installed by AAFES so that prime time shows are broadcast in prime time. News and sports programming will continue to be broadcast i...

I like to record programs for later viewing. Will this be available?

Yes, in conjunction with AAFES, you are now able to purchase Tivo personal DVR boxes to record your favorite shows and play them back when you want. The Tivo box comes with many additional features, so please stop by the AAFES store to get your Ti...

Why can’t we get some of the more popular stateside channels like HBO and Disney?

While the Air Force Base at Yokota is U.S. jurisdiction, it resides on Japanese soil, and is therefore ultimately governed by international copyright laws. Many U.S. content providers do not have international rights to broadcast in Japan. We go t...

How do I make calls on my US phone number?

Dial 1 plus the area code and the number to place calls to the U.S. You will be billed at international rates for local, off-base Japanese numbers. We recommend that you use a local phone to make off-base local Japanese calls. You will not incur l...

How will I call 911 for emergency services?

Dial 911. Your call is handed over to the base switch and routed directly to emergency services.

Can I choose my U.S. number?

Sign up early to receive your choice of numbers from our pool of U.S. numbers. Your choice will be limited as more people sign-up.

Can I take the U.S. number you assign with me?

Allied Telesis is required to support customer portability requests allowing you to keep your assigned telephone number. Please note however that Yokota is the only base outside of the United States that supports U.S. telephone numbers. Thus your ...

Can I port a U.S. number into the Allied System?

Allied Telesis supports number portability within the “Rate Centers” we currently subscribe to. You can submit your request to customer service to determine if the number can be ported into our system. If you are moving from one geographic area to...

When I call home from work, what will I have to dial?

Please visit your Telephone Service Site and get the phone system guide. For example: American Embassy Tokyo: 011-(81) 33-224-5000 or EXT# Atsugi: 011-(81) 46-763-XXXX Zama: 011-(81) 46-407-XXXX Hardy Barracks: 011(81) 3117-29-3270 Iwakuni 011(81)...

When I call work from home, what will I have to dial?

When calling work from a residence, customers will dial appropriate digit plus the 7-digit number DSN number.

I currently have Caller ID at home. Will I still have it with the new phone service?

Yes. You will have Caller ID service with the new phone service.